About Us

IŞIK ABLA (pronounced lshyk) was born in Istanbul , Turkey, and raised in a Muslim home. Throughout her life, she experienced verbal, sexual and physical abuse. When she was a teenager, she found herself in an extremely violent abusive marriage to a Muslim man.

Işik entered college when she was only sixteen and earned a bachelor’s degree in literature, followed by an advanced business degree. She worked in high-ranking executive positions for some of the largest corporations in Turkey and traveled throughout Europe.

In 1996, she fled to America after her husband tried to kill her. Işik fell into a deep depression and became suicidal after years of struggling in her career as well as in her personal life. On the day she was planning to end her life, she had a personal encounter with God and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ. Receiving the Lord’s call to full- time ministry, she attended Ambassador’s Commission School of Ministry. She also studied Berean Bible Courses at Global University. Later Işik became an ordained minister.

In 2009, Işik began hosting a satellite TV program to Turkey and she founded Işik Abla Ministries. Today, she hosts English and Turkish language TV/Social Media broadcasts. These programs are dubbed into Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, reaching millions in 200 nations over 700 million audience.

Işik studied Master’s in Biblical Studies at Regent University’s School of Divinity.

In 2018, Işik completed leadership and communication programs at both Yale and Harvard Universities.

She is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach . Her message of hope, love , and redemption, found only in Jesus, resonates and continues to reach the world for Christ.

Isik Abla